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Sunday, February 24, 2013 - 5.45 GMT

Scouts Movement helps build a better world – President


The Scout Movement helps build a better world where people achieve the joy of contributing to the betterment of society. It also shows the dignity of labour. Similarly, the Scout Movement also does much to build character among youth, and to be pure in body and mind, President Mahinda Rajapaksa said.

“Today it is a great unifying force among the youth of the world.

As it has done in this Jamboree Scouting brings together Children and Youth from different countries and communities from different social backgrounds and faiths to work together for cooperation in socially relevant work, President said addressing the centenary celebrations of scouting in Dharmaraja College in Kandy.
You are gathered in this Jamboree from 30 different countries and all the districts of Sri Lanka. There are more than 3500 scouts here. You all come from different communities, different societies, different cultures and different traditions. Yet, you are all united in service to the country, to people and to society. Scouting binds you together for a common cause.

“This unity you show today must be taken back to your own countries and societies, and to all the districts of Sri Lanka to build unity in all our countries as only the youth of a country can do,” President further said.

In these past 100 years Dharmaraja has shown very well its ability to live up to the great vision and expectations of those who launched scouting here, a 100 years ago. As Dharmaraja celebrates this centenary of scouting with this Jamboree the college can be proud of winning the “Island Merit” Flag awarded for the Best Scout group in Sri Lanka every year from 1993, President added.

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