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Monday, March 11, 2013 - 8.35 GMT
Continuous learning makes a high performing public servant Secy to President


Public servants must continue to learn keeping abreast with modern technology to meet the demands of the today's world, Secretary to the President Lalith Weeratunga said.

Speaking at the fourth series of the Capacity Building Programme for senior public executives at Hotel Mt. Lavinia on Saturday (9), the Secretary said a commitment to excellence requires continuous learning. "Frequently assess yourself and look for key skills that need improvement," he said.

"All what we learnt many years ago are currently outdated. You need to keep yourself abreast".

There are plenty of resources around you. Make best use of them, he said.

Search for information, identifying multiple options, listening empathetically, using variety of methods and self confidence are some of the key characteristics of an efficient public officer, Mr. Weeratunga added.

Public institutes should not always depend on government funds. They should find ways and means to generate income of their own.

Mr. Weeratunga recalling President Rajapaksa's declaration of Year 2013 as the 'year of excellence in public service' during the budget speech in November last year said the top rank of the public administration service should take the lead in achieving that goal.

He asked the public servants to set clear organizational goals and strategies, establish right priorities and measures, review implementation of strategies against the plans, establish management systems, establish a culture of finding ways of improvement in contrast with the culture of finding faults, use scientific analytical tools and statistical tools that provide new insights into performance to improve efficiency.

Government servants must be encouraged learn and use ICT more and more, the Secretary said.

Jointly organized by the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Presidential Secretariat of the Sri Lanka, the workshop is aimed at supporting the development and strengthening the capability of Additional Secretaries and department heads by drawing on the latest thinking and best practices concerning their role, remit and issues.




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