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Tuesday, March 12, 2013 - 6.05 GMT
India must stand by Sri Lanka, vote against US resolution

– The Pioneer


Nothing would be more disastrous for India’s national interest if the Congress were to decide to force Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Minister for External Affairs Salman Khurshid to vote for the resolution against Sri Lanka moved by the US in the United Nations Human Rights Council, a column published on March 10 in The Pioneer said.

The column said if Sri Lanka is accused of unfair use of state power against civilians and 'armed opposition', by the resolution so is India charged in some quarters about counter-terrorism operations in the Kashmir Valley.

The Pioneer column written by a senior journalist, Kanchan Gupta from New Delhi said, " If Sri Lanka must open its doors to international rapporteurs and allow unfettered access to the UN Human Rights Commissioner and other UNHRC staff, then a similar and seemingly credible demand can be made of India. Are we willing to accept this and other demands? Are we willing to subjugate our national sovereignty to illegitimate interference in our domestic affairs? These and other questions must be confronted and answered before we push for punitive action against Sri Lanka.

Colombo had the guts to declare war on domestic terror and take that war to its logical conclusion. New Delhi has been consistently hypocritical, refusing to acknowledge that the Indian state is indeed waging war on terror - whether in battling jihadis in the Kashmir Valley or Maoists in the jungles of central and eastern India, column said.

Further the report says if only New Delhi had been wise enough to dishonour bogus 'coalition dharma' and partnered Colombo's war on terror, it would have been in a position to influence both the conduct of the war and the terms of peace. But India erred, and erred grievously instead of standing by Sri Lanka the column said.


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