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Friday, March 15, 2013 - 7.12 GMT
Sri Lanka is emerging as a gem in the rough
- National Geographic


Teardrop-shaped Sri Lanka, cast away off the tip of India, hasn’t escaped the cliches. Writers often refer to it as ‘India in miniature’, failing to grasp the so-called Land of Serendipity has a fervent personality all of its own, National Geographic said.

The National Geographic magazine in its April 2013 issue says from tea plantations, to ‘rice and curry’, Ayurveda and spice gardens, Buddhist monks and more, Sri Lanka is emerging as a gem in the rough.

The feature article written by Sara Chare describes the author's experiences on the Mirissa Beach as saying ,” spotting a series of rock pools on the far side, we abandoned our flip-flops and clambered down. Shielded from the wind, the shallow water had sucked in the sun’s rays, creating a series of deliciously warm puddles. As we plunged our feet in, a few small crabs grumpily scuttled into their hidden dens, while around us swarmed dozens of tiny, translucent fish”.

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