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Sunday, March 31, 2013 - 8.00 GMT
Govt to take stern legal action against groups creating communal unrest


The government will take stern legal action against groups inciting racial and religious violence and urged the public to be vigilant of such groups.

Issuing a statement, the Director General of the Government Information Department Professor Ariyaratne Ethugala said some local and foreign elements attempting to destabilize the country are behind these attacks and urged the public to be vigilant of those groups.

The government requested the public not to spread rumors that cause unrest among ethnic and religious groups and help the government to maintain law and order to secure the peace and harmony in the island at this decisive juncture.

"At a time elements with vested interest try to destabilize the country people should not fall prey to divisive forces," the statement said.

Print and electronic media institutions in the country should also extend their support to keep the public informed on such conspiring elements, the Government Information Department said in its communiqué.

The Defense Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa said stern legal action will be taken against those who attempt to create unrest in the country using racism and religion and requested the public to inform such incidents to him.





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