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Sunday, March 31, 2013 - 8.00 GMT
Political rivalries in TN are doomed to fail - DNA


It is obvious that efforts arising from political rivalries in Tamil Nadu, to internationally condemn, isolate, ostracise and subdue Sri Lanka, are doomed to fail. Worse still, such actions will only hamper and set back efforts to provide relief and rehabilitation to Sri Lankan Tamils. It is time that the realisation dawned on political parties whipping up emotions and passions on the events of 2010 that it will yield no results, a column published in India’s DNA said.

Carried away be the overblown propaganda of Sri Lankan Tamil expatriates from countries like the US, Canada and UK and determined to leave no stone unturned to incite and use sentiments in Tamil Nadu for political advantage in forthcoming general elections, the main political players in the State are advocating a course of action, of seeking to get Sri Lanka isolated and condemned internationally, the column said.

This is an effort avowedly to secure the establishment of a Tamil "Eeelam" (Homeland) in Northern and Eastern Sri Lanka. It ignores the reality that roughly one third of Sri Lanka's Tamil population of 3 million are descendants of Indian workers who sought employment there during colonial rule. They live in the central and southern regions and have elected leaders who have a constructive working relationship with the Sinhala majority. They have no interest in harming themselves by demands for "Eelam". Moreover, the Tamils are in a minority in the Eastern Province and the Muslims and Sinhalas there would never agree to their being a part of a separate "Eelam," with a Tamil majority.

In a surcharged political atmosphere, amid overblown rhetoric, there are now calls for an economic boycott of Sri Lanka and for an Indian withdrawal from power and infrastructure projects there. Those in Tamil Nadu advocating this forget that there will be Chinese, Japanese, South Korean and ASEAN bidders ready to joyously replace us.

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