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Wednesday, April 10, 2013 - 9.59 GMT

Now Sri Lanka is safe - The Telegraph


For most of the past three decades Sri Lanka’s tourism has been concentrated on barely a half of the teardrop-shaped island – the beaches, highlands and forests of the centre, south and west. But the war ended four years ago, and now it is safe to spread out and explore the rest, states The Telegraph of the UK in a report published yesterday (9).

“Jaffna itself is a Tamil town. And although there is war-damage if you go looking for it, it is a buzzy place, full of reconstruction and endeavour. The roads are being resurfaced, many of the buildings rebuilt, and there’s an optimism in the air. Of the eight people I talked to on our first day in town, four were post-war returnees – one from the south, one from India, and two from London,” the writer Andrew Eames said.

We took in the traditional tourism sights: the giant Hindu temple at Nallur, first developed in the 13th century, with a magnificent intricately-carved monumental tower or gopuram, piled high and glowing gold in the evening sun; the massively impressive Dutch-built Fort, still with its moat, but built on a scale that you’d need a microlight to appreciate and the public library, the writer explains.

As for the east coast, and Trincomalee, these are delightful places to be, Eames added.



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