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Monday, April 22, 2013 - 6.01 GMT
Only 96 sqkms to be de-mined


Only 96 square kilometers of land, out of 2064 square kilometers remain to be de-mined, the National Mine Action Center said. As per the information of the Center, the cleared area is over 95% and most of the remaining areas are covered with shrubs and jungle.

The Mine Action progrramme is still continued by the Government with the support of UNDP, UNICEF, Donor Community, Engineering Bridge of Sri Lankan Army, National and International de-mining organizations.

Since the gravity of the problem has gradually been reduced, some of the de-mining organizations such as Sarvatra, Horizan and MMIPE have already moved out after completing their tasks and remaining organizations are still continuing the assigned tasks. This is a normal process of the de-mining programnme in any country and funding is basically based on the tasks availability. If the area to be cleared is declining, funding for the de-mining is also comparatively getting reduced, says the Ministry of Economic Development.

The Engineer Brigade of Sri Lanka Army will continue the de-mining operations until the de-mining programme is over. With the explanation of the process of de-mining, the government thanks all those who have assisted the Sri Lankan Mine Action Proggramm by expanding the cooperative hands to the effort of mine clearance of the government in various means, such as providing funds, involving in mine clearing, conducting mine risk education activities, enhancing the technical know how, training and etc.

In June 2009, the Government with the support of donor communities such as, Australia, Japan, China, India, EU, USA,etc, UNDP, UNICEF, national and international mine action operators implemented a comprehensive and rapid de-mining Programme to clear those lands estimated to 2064 square kilometers as Confirmed Hazardous Areas (CHA) where contaminated with mines, booby traps and Unexploded Ordnance (UXOs).





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