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Thursday, June 06, 2013 - 05.18 GMT
Japan provides further Rs. 245 million for Human Resource Development Scholarship


The Government of Japan initiated the Human Resource Development Scholarship in 2010 with the objective of training Sri Lanka officials with high potential to effectively contribute to the development efforts of Sri Lanka.

The scholarship provides opportunities for young public sector officials to pursue a two-year Masters Degree in Japan in the fields of Public Policy and Public Finance, Public Administration, Regional Development and Macro Economics and Development Economics at International Christian University, Hiroshima University and International University of Japan, stated the Embassy of Japan in Sri Lanka.

This year, a sum of 192 million Japanese Yen (approximately Rs. 245 million) was provided to cover the expenses for the 4th batch of 15 prospective scholars.

So far, 45 public officials have been awarded this scholarship, while 15 officials from the 1st batch of scholarship recipients have successfully completed their Masters degrees and have returned to Sri Lanka. The recipients for the scholarship are selected from the Ministries of Finance and Planning, Public Administration and Home Affairs, Economic Development and Local Government and Provincial Councils.

In the joint statement issued in March this year, Mr. Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan and President Mahinda Rajapaksa shared the importance of further strengthening academic and people-to-people exchanges, and President Rajapaksa appreciated the scholarships granted by the Japanese Government as a means of strengthening human resource capacity building of Sri Lanka.

Commenting on the scholarship Mr. Nobuhito Hobo, Ambassador of Japan emphasized that “Japan’s ODA gives high priority towards human resource development in Sri Lanka and has therefore continuously provided technical cooperation through “people” and has awarded various study and training opportunities to Sri Lankan people.

Japan hopes that Sri Lanka will make the best of the opportunities provided and utilize the knowledge and experience gained for the betterment of the country”.






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