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Thursday, June 20, 2013 - 6.24 GMT
Govt. is not against LLRC recommendations - Secretary to President tweets


The Government is not against the LLRC recommendations. If the Government wants to go against the Report why would it implement the National Action Plan?, stated Secretary to the President Lalith Weeratunga participating in a Twitter Q & A session yesterday (19), which was organized for the first time.

Commenting on current progress on implementing LLRC recommendations he tweeted , Progress is satisfactory but there are certain activities that take a long time to complete. One cannot expect steady progress all the time.
On power devolution the Secretary tweeted : 13 A has to be viewed from people’s standpoint. Devolution must be to the village’

‘President Mahinda Rajapaksa will always honour the Constitution.’

In a session that lasted more than two hours on the President’s Twitter account, Mr. Weeratunga tweeted in answer to a wide ranging set of questions regarding devolution, land issues, media issues -- and sometimes, his personal relations with the President.

Following are excerpts of the Q & A session

It's nice to be tweeting for the first time - an experience that I would cherish for a long time.

Are you social media savvy & Do you see yourself having a twitter account?

I think Social Media is a powerful tool; it's just that I don't have much time to be using it often. This is the first time I am doing it.

What do you think of def.sec's assertion that social media is a threat to national security?

Sec/Defence has a point; since it has been used for destructive purposes elsewhere, he has said so.

What is the current progress on implementing LLRC recommendations?

Progress is satisfactory but there are certain activities that take a long time to complete. One cannot expect steady progress all the time.

Is there a particular reason that the LLRC website is no longer accessible?

LLRC has concluded its work and therefore that website is no longer available. Next week, the website on the NPoA will be launched.

The NPoA of the LLRC is available on the President's Office website and

You say 13 A is a obstacle to admin; Do you oppose meaningful power-sharing as political solution to Tamil grievances?

13 A must be viewed from the angle of the citizen. It's no secret that administratively it's a white elephant. Experience of 22 yrs shows.

In your opinion how important is computer literacy for the citizens of Sri Lanka for domestic & global competitiveness?

1. IT literacy is v important to SL. From under 5% in 2005, SL's IT literacy has soared to around 42%.

2. ICTA has been very active on IT literacy with President Rajapksa's consistent interventions to improve rural people's quality of life.

What are the progress regarding arrangements of CHOGM? gives you the progress. Every detail is being looked into to make this event a success. Progress is really good.

Why Paypal is not supported in SL? Thre r mny intrnet money mkrs waiting for it.Why dn't you care like this huge incme to SL?

CBSL is working on PayPal and soon it'll be a reality. I recollect discussing this with Supun sometime ago when I met a few bloggers.

What is President Rajapaksa 's personal opinion on the 13thAmendment? should it be implemented as it is or with changes?

Pres Rajapaksa will always honour the Constitution. 13 A has to be viewed from people's standpoint. Devolution must be to the village.

Looking back, do you wish you were more open about your role in Mihin Lanka deals?

I have never been involved in deals and it's very unfair to ask me about my deals in Mihin Lanka. I was an honorary director for a while.

SL needs a budget airline and it has proved its worth with its service to pilgrims who cannot afford to spend large sums on travel.

Is there any direct access to any superior authority to report injustice to employees at govt.institutions?

If there is a specific complain direct it to the Presidential Investigation Unit at Jawatte Road, Colombo 5 or send it to me.

Why the Government could not totally remove Security camps from North and East and resettle IDPs?

Many lands have been returned, and ones that are needed for public purposes will be retained. The HSZ has shrunk by almost 60%.

Many peace loving residents of Jaffna have made fervent appeals to retain the Armed Forces because of their post conflict welfare activities.

The government's actions are against the LLRC recommendations. What is your view on this?

The government is not against the LLRC recommendations. If the Government wants to go against the Report why would it implement the National Action Plan?

Why the Government is restricting the right to commemorate the dead in North

There is no such restriction in the North

Ex-top diplo Dayan Jayatilleka says sum power must B devolved 2 regions in SL 4 #Tamil justice. So why gov moves 2 REDUCE devolution?

Power must be devolved to the lowest possible level, the village - the Gramarajya or Panchayat. Sub nat'l level PCs haven't served purpose.

Do you enjoy your job as the countries foremost civil servant? Was there any occasion you thought of resigning due to any reason?

I take my job as a national commitment - b'cse I can do good to others, I enjoy it. I have never been in a situ forcing me to retire.

How is PresRajapaksa as a boss? and if there is one thing you want to change about him what would it be?

Started work with Pres Rajapaksa in 1994, later continuously for 8 yrs from 2004. A visionary leader; always been great to work with him.

The only thing I would like him to change is to give us more time to complete our tasks. He is a hard task master!

I think I need to wind up now. Maybe we would do this again later. All the very best to all of you. Subha Anagathayak.






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