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Monday, July 15, 2013 - 05.37 GMT

Not too much humanitarian consideration for SL refugees, Indian court decides


An Indian court has decided that national security is more important than the humanitarian concern and that 'too much' humanitarian consideration should not be given to Sri Lankan refugees getting arrested in the state.

Justice S. S. Satheeshachandran of the Kerala High Court has observed that the court cannot overlook the security aspects when hearing a bail request for two Sri Lankan refugees arrested in Kochi while preparing to illegally migrate to Australia.

"The Court cannot overlook the security aspects involved in the present scenario where external agencies with the aid of anti-national elements inside the country are making attempts to destabilise the foundation of the republic", the judge has observed while granting bail to the two refugees, according to a news report by Express News Service.

The two refugees, Premanand and Thiruselvam were among the 10 Sri Lankans arrested at Aluva in Kochi as they were preparing to travel to Australia in a country-made vessel in April this year.

The court has directed the police to look into whether petitioners and other accused in the crime who have the status of refugees were liable to be prosecuted under Foreigners Act and also under the Passport Act.

Reportedly Kerala has become one of the major centers in South Asia from where the illegal asylum seekers begin their migration to Australia.





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