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Friday, October 04, 2013 - 06.05 GMT
Switzerland defends deportation of failed asylum seekers


Switzerland on Thursday defended the deportation of two Sri Lankan asylum seekers who were arrested upon returning to Sri Lanka, saying they were accused of backing LTTE.

The deportations happened shortly before Switzerland’s August 26 decision to halt the forced returns of rejected Sri Lankan asylum seekers, AFP reported.

The Swiss Federal Office for Migration said the two men were taken into custody at the airport in the Sri Lankan capital Colombo.

In a statement, the Swill Federal Office for Migration said they were accused of “taking part in activities in the service of the LTTE” .

“The Sri Lankan authorities have agreed in principle to allow Swiss representatives to visit the two men in custody,” it added.

The men’s asylum claims were rejected in 2011, and they were sent home after a court upheld their deportation orders.

“In order to be able to check carefully whether a person is exposed to danger in their home country, the Swiss asylum authorities rely on asylum seekers to declare all the relevant facts relating to their situation,” the office said.

“There may also have been shortcomings in the work processing the asylum applications of the two detainees,” it added, saying that it had asked the UN high commissioner for refugees to review their cases.




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