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Wednesday, November 13, 2013 - 06.06 GMT

Ambitious targets for investments in Sri Lanka
- Dr. Kaul


Sri Lanka in many ways has been the vanguard of the development on the Asian continent and the business community in the Commomwealth countries have set their ambitious targets for investments in Sri Lanka, said Commonwealth Business Council Chairman Dr. Mohan Kaul.

He made this observation yesterday at the inauguration of the Commonwealth Business Forum 2013 held Colombo detailing the international business representation.

Dr. Mohan Kaul stated that he actually had been constantly astounded by how far Sri Lanka had come since the end of the conflict in this country. He added that according to an International Bank, Sri Lanka is likely to be the second fastest growing economy in Asia.

He also said that it is a testament to the business community that Sri Lanka has not been left in any way during this so called Asian Growth miracle.

He said Sri Lanka really does have it all and encouraged the international business community to take the opportunity to engage with the business in this country. He added that this event also provides a platform for Sri Lanka to showcase its business community to the world and incredible opportunities in the fields of textiles,port services,plantation, energy sector, ICT and other professional services that are bound in any sector.

Dr. Mohan Kaul further stated that the Commonwealth only survives if it only helps its members and citizens to find solutions to the big challenges of the time majority of the economy and future prosperity. He added that the forum will focus on a few key issues apart from identifying investment opportunities in Sri Lanka and in other countries.

He also said that achieving inclusive growth is the key theme throughout this forum whether to be in the context of rural development, education and training or development of small island states. He added that achieving wealth creation in economic growth with equity is a challenge for every country and said Sri Lanka too will find solutions to the issue.






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