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Wednesday, November 20, 2013 - 06.35 GMT
People who have prejudices do great harm to peace Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith


People who have prejudices do great harm to the cause of peace. International community must help this nation in the right way by engaging positively with both sides, helping them to reach a better understanding, easing off the situation in the North and South and allowing space for true progress and development for our people", His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith, the Archbishop of Colombo said.

"Pushing anyone against the wall is not the way. Else, development achieved as the effect of human pride without true and spiritually enriched peace will as Jesus predicted of the temple of Jerusalem, not stand the test of time and would prove to be brittle and fragile", His Eminence preached in a recent sermon to CHOGM dignitaries at All Saints Church in Borella.

The international community too should not hold the local leaders of two communities to engage in such a process of confidence building instead of seeking to humiliate Sri Lanka and dragging it before international tribunals etc, he said.

That would only mean pushing it against the wall. That is not the correct way to work towards once again. That is not enlightened guidance. It is a playing to the gallery. We Sri Lankans, Sinhalese or Tamil, we do not want terror or war anymore, the Archbishop added.

Progress with peace is a need today both at the national and international levels too. Humanity yearns for such peace and it is such a tragedy to hear of so many wars going on even now. People still kill each other even though humanity has conquered space. We in Sri Lanka too have emerged from a difficult background of war, terror and self destruction into a period where the thrust for development and prosperity is at a peak. Everyone speaks about rapid development.

Major projects of economic progress have been launched by our leaders and that is commendable. But it must also be stressed that these efforts should be accompanied by an intense search for peace and harmony among the different racial and religious groups living together here. Human dignity is part of progress. While the outer crust of the nation is being developed we also need to bring healing to its inner which was torn apart by the violence of the past.

There was too much hate feelings which we need to heal. This will be an even greater challenge to our leaders. After that terrible experience there should no longer be victors and vanquished but all should be invited to be victors through a process of mutual trust building, dialogue, compromise, give and take and readiness on the part of both Sinhalese and Tamils to bend their backs in order to reach out to the other side.

Formulas for a settlement should never be pre-conceived as they will then become obstacles and subjects for endless discussion. Talking to one another and easing all limits to better understanding and collaboration between the Government and the elected Tamil leaders of the North should be the way. It is the way of faith and not that of the market or of human effort walking that extra mile by both sides. That needs spiritual strength and courage. Men and women of greatness are those who are courageous, ready to leave their own world behinds to reach out to the other", His Holiness further said.






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