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Friday, December 06, 2013 - 05.30 GMT

President unveils Exposition of Sacred Kapila Wastu Relics


President Mahinda Rajapaksa unveiled the Exposition of the Sacred Kapila Wastu Sri Sarwagna Relics at the Deepaduttaramaya, Kotahena yesterday.

The exposition will be held until Saturday (7) from 2pm to 11pm.

The Exposition of the Sacred Kapila Wastu Sri Sarwagna relics commenced after the President paid homage offering flowers. Venerable Subuthi Thera received the Kapila Wastu Sri Sarwagnarelics from Kapilawastupura, India in 1898.

Deepaduttaramaya was a temple where Sri Lanka's Buddhist history was made. It was built initially in 1785 and was the first Buddhist temple in Colombo. Deepaduttaramaya was home to Ven. Migettuewatte Sri Gunananda Thera, the leader of the famous 'Panadura Vadaya' and a great orator. It was where the Buddhist flag was designed and hoisted for the first time and temple where generations of Thai royalty had worshiped and bestowed gifts and donations since the early 20th century.





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