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Friday, December 27, 2013 - 6.01 GMT

Sri Lanka, now at peace offers great deals to investors, tourists and expatriates alike


Despite a sordid campaign and efforts by some western countries to tarnish the image of Sri Lanka with the help from some foreign agencies, NGOs, INGOs and those who are supporting the former LTTE terrorist group, the true image of this beautiful land is still intact. Visitors from overseas and tourists are not gullible to believe and be affected by these malicious campaigns.

The tourists say they thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Sri Lanka and will certainly come again. They are happy to recommend Sri Lanka as a fabulous tourist destination to their friends. This is the place to come and have a relaxing holiday, as most other countries have their own terrorist problems including the west.

Facts about the Paradise

Sri Lanka, beautiful or blessed country a title well merited by its lush tropical forests, palm edged beaches and prosperous tea plantations. A nature lovers paradise, the country has been internationally famous for over 2,500 years for its fabulous gemstones, spices and other crops.

Rich in wildlife, the country has elephants, bears, leopards and many indigenous species of birds. Sri Lanka with an area of 25,324 sq. miles (65,592 sq. km) is a little more than half the size of England. Its position in the Indian ocean has made the island important to shipping and international airlines.

The south central hill country or "up country" has an average elevation of 3,000 to 7,000 feet. The hill country is roughly anchor - like in shape. The island's highest mountain, is Piduruthalagala has an elevation of 8,281 feet.

The island is near the equator and consequently experiences high temperatures, but temperatures in the lowlands are moderated by sea breeze and the highlands by altitude. The capital Colombo averages 77 F (25 c) in January and 85 F (28 c) in May. Hill country temperatures will vary from 57 F (14 c) in January and 61 F(16 c) in May.

A popular tourist destination

This is an inexpensive and affordable destination to tourists at a time the world is facing economic problems. The number of tourists visiting the country has increased sharply in the past two months.

Fabulous beaches and lagoons provide opportunities for tourists who love water sports. The natural beauty of the country, beaches, religious sites, hill country and forests are major tourist draws. It is imperative that tourist promotional activities should also be done at provincial and regional levels to increase the tourist traffic to the island. Jaffna will soon become a popular destination for many Sri Lankan Tamils who could not visit this area in the past 30 years. The breathtaking water views of lagoons and beautiful beaches will make Jaffna a destination for foreign tourists. It is certainly a place for seafood lovers. Northern and Eastern provinces offer great opportunities to tourists and investors who want to engage in tourist related enterprises. The people in these areas now live in peace and enjoy an incredible sense of security.

They firmly believe there will be a rapid economic development in these areas after 30 years of fear and destruction caused by the so-called freedom fighters.

Fishing industry has resumed and in full operation. Market gardening and paddy cultivation has already resumed, giving a considerable amount of revenue to the farmers.

Sharing the paradise

There are many foreigners who wish to buy residential properties in Sri Lanka for them to stay longer here. Retirement homes with all services provided will definitely be popular especially among active retirees. There are many countries in Europe who allow foreigners to buy properties in those countries because of the advantages of foreign ownership. Today there are over 250,000 British citizens, who own properties in Spain. Every month, millions of Pounds are transferred to Spain by them as their living expenses. Malaysia and Thailand have opened their doors to foreign property buyers. This system can be introduced in Sri Lanka and allow foreigners to buy residential properties. To avoid unfair competition from foreigners, Sri Lankan property buyers can be protected by introducing regulations. There can be designated tourist villages. Residential units for tourists can be sold on a 35-year lease.

This will provide employment to locals in those areas and will increase economic activities.

There are many opportunities for investors for further development in agriculture, fisheries, tourism and many other industries.

As investors are provided preferential tax rates, constitutional guarantees on investment agreements, exemptions from exchange control and 100 percent repatriation of profits, truly the country will be a paradise for investors.

The Government will give all incentives and benefits to those want to make this their home or engage in business activities in the country.

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