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Thursday, January 30, 2014 - 05.05 GMT
Govt taken measures to provide equal education to all students - President


President Mahinda Rajapaksa said that the government has taken measures to provide equal education for all students. “Accordingly, 1, 000 Mahindidaya secondary schools, which consist of all facilities for education are being constructed countrywide,” he said.

The President, addressing a gathering at Makandura Central College, Matara said that the government has put a full stop to injustice in the education sphere affecting rural students, a reality for decades, with the introduction of equal education opportunities for every student.

The President opened several new sections including a Mahindodaya science laboratory, a storied building with a library, language lab, mathematics lab etc for the college, which celebrates 100 years.

The President said the Grade Five scholarship examination will be continued as it is, since it is the main means of getting entry to a popular school. But the parents should clearly understand that the Grade Five scholarship examination is only an examination to offer scholarships for the clever. However, it is regrettable that certain parents punish their children, who don't qualify for the Grade 5 examination.

"Therefore, the parents should understand that every student who scores over 70 marks at the Grade 5 examination has obtained a "Pass"," the President said. The President further said that unlike the children in the past, present day students do not have enough time for extra-curricular activities. As a result of that some children suffer from diabetes. "There is an urgent need to change the lifestyles of children with a view to creating healthy and capable future generation," the President added. While speaking on the education sector development initiatives, the President said the government placed education on the right track. It is stated in the Mahinda Chinthana that the prime concern has to be given for the uplift of education aiming to achieve the position of 'Knowledge Hub of Asia'. "Therefore, moves are underway to create a student, population that's capable enough to drive the country forward," the President said.

"The student should be capable enough tap into the modern advancements of the world. "The government provides every possible facility for the country's education sector. The Education sector is subjected to necessary changes in accordance with the changing world trends. Moreover, the changes should be qualitative and result-oriented," the President added.

The government is greatly concerned about the quality of education and facilities available for education.

The President reiterated the importance of developing children, both mentally and physically, which involves providing adequate care and protection at home and in society. Speaking further, the President said that the parents as well as the entire society should be vigilant about their children and direct them on the correct path.

"Children are the future stake holders of the country and therefore they should be guided on the correct path. Society too had an equal responsibility in directing its children. The government alone could not do so," he stressed.

The President also noted that the development activities being carried out throughout the country would become meaningless unless a morally upright and disciplined posterity was created.

He said education paves the way for a well-disciplined society. "We bring the native beauty of the village to town and the development of the town to the village" the President said.






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