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Monday, February 10, 2014 - 07.15 GMT
Foreign plots against our motherland are conspiracies against the people of Sri Lanka - President


I consider all foreign conspiracies against the motherland are conspiracies against the people of Sri Lanka, says President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

There is no other human right which can exceed our right to live freely anywhere we want, he added.

I completed the task of bringing freedom to all races in Sri Lanka including Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim and I am prepared to face any challenge in the process of bringing freedom to the country. I am aware that the people in this country will be with me in this national endeavor, President said.

The President was speaking at the occasion of opening the main election operations office of the UPFA in Hambantota District, which will facilitate the election activities of the Southern Provincial Council Election 2014.

President stated that he initiated the humanitarian operation to end terrorism as the peace negotiations with the LTTE failed due to its peace talks failed due to its He said he took that action in order to build a country for every people to live freely without any fear or suspicion.

International community questions only about the last few days of the fight against terrorism. But they do not speak about our task to end the terrorism which destroyed our country for thirty years, President stated.

Some people in our country have forgotten the days of bomb blasting and blood shedding. Everybody should work together to overcome the conspiracies of both foreign and local groups against the motherland, President further stated.





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