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Tuesday, February 11, 2014 - 05.45 GMT
Let the people be free to elect leaders without outside interference - President


President Mahinda Rajapaksa warned about external interference in internal affairs of Sri Lanka. “Certain offices of High Commissions, together with some NGOs are acting against Sri Lanka. We want to tell them not to do these things and let our country be free. Do not put your fingers into the matters in our country. Let the elected representatives of the people to work on the internal matters of the country. And let the people to elect their leader to work on that,” he said.

“We condemn the acts by those groups against a Government and its security forces which brought the freedom to this country for people to live without any fear or suspicion,” President said, addressing the people gathered for the inauguration of the development work of Galle - Udugama road, yesterday (Feb 10).

The President recalled that the income from tea and rubber industries has now been increased due to the Government’s development initiatives. ‘But some people are trying to shut these rubber factories which bring a lot of foreign income to the country. But we do not allow anybody to shut them,’ President said.

Addressing the meeting at Hiniduma – Batahena junction yesterday (Feb 10) President said that Government takes loans to fulfill requirements of the development of the country. He said that the previous Governments obtained loans in millions in the name of building Colombo-Katunayaka Expressway. He said nobody knows what happened to that money.

President also recalled that there was an era we had to import vegetables, even green leaves from other countries. He said the country is now self sufficient in rice for the first time in the recent history. ‘That is the change we have made in this era’, s






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