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Wednesday, February 12, 2014 - 07.19 GMT
‘Kaprukai – Sipnenai’ to develop coconut cultivation


The Ministry of Coconut Development and Janatha Estate Development, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education is carrying out a program; “Kaprukai- Sipnenai" for year 6 students to widen coconut cultivation in the country.

This programme, involving 150,000 students with an anticipated increase up to 900,000 students by 2016, will play a major role in planting 1.8 million of coconut seedlings by 2016.

Under this project, year 6 students in potential areas for coconut cultivation will receive two potted coconut seedlings each, free of charge, which have to be planted in their home-gardens and maintained as per instructions given. The observations with regard the growth of the seedlings have to be recorded in the "Note Book" provided with the seedlings.

The selected students, who successfully study and pass their examinations while maintaining the growth records of the coconut seedlings up to the time of harvesting, will be awarded Kapruka Diriya Scholarships'. This is a monthly cash grant to meet their educational requirements during the period they undergo studies in GCE Advanced level.

The program aims to transform school children as partners of economic development while creating a mind set of school children on the significance of the coconut palm.






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