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Thursday, March 13, 2014 - 08.25 GMT

Govt. ensured religious harmony throughout the country – President


All those who make allegations on religious disharmony of this country while living abroad must come and see for themselves in Government's efforts into building religious harmony throughout the country.

The President debunked international criticism of undermining Sri Lanka’s Tamil minority on the strength of the success in crushing the LTTE through military means. He emphasized that the government fought against terrorism and not against the Tamil community. “Today, the objective of the Government is to win the hearts of all people in the country,” he further said.

“If our war was against Tamils how could the Tamils live happily and peacefully among the Sinhalese in the south of the country,” the President asked.

He noted that some international elements with vested interests, say that we don't have religious harmony in our country, the Government has ensured the religious freedom of our people than any other country in the world. He pointed out that the religious harmony and reconciliation was visible throughout the country.

“I am aware that some non governmental organisations with foreign help are trying to show there is religious disharmony,” President Rajapaksa stressed. All these are attempts to embarrass the government at a time the U.N. Human Rights Council meeting is happening, he said.

The President said this while addressing a United People's Alliance election rally held at the Galle town yesterday (12) in support of party candidates contesting the upcoming provincial polls from the Galle district.

The Government wants to take the country forward without any difficulty, but some groups are creating issues, planning conspiracies in the country, the president added.

He pointed the Government should be strengthened to continue the development process without being stopped before its end.

He requested the people to give the message to the world that the development process is enduring with the blessing of the people.






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Last modified: March 13, 2014.

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