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Monday, March 17, 2014 - 06.24 GMT

Our foreign policy is to deal with all countries alike - President


President Mahinda Rajapaksa said the foreign policy of the government is based on the principle of dealing with all countries alike. “We do not want a foreign policy that resulted in brining foreign forces to the country confining our forces to barracks. Another government signed a ceasefire agreement with the terrorists dividing the country into two parts due to their improper foreign policy. We do not want such a foreign policy. The difference is that today’s government is dealing with all countries alike,” he said.

The President added that the government succeeded in sowing the seeds of patriotism in the minds of the people in a way that they can be proud of their motherland. “Loving one’s motherland is not an offence. I believe that is the duty of each and every one to love their motherland,” President said addressing a public rally at the opening of the Southern Expressway Phase II between Galle and Matara on Saturday.

He added that some elements are contemplating on what will happen to the Government after March 28. “They say the Government should take the blame for adopting a weak foreign policy. Those who are boasting about good governance, are against holding elections too. Their politics are based on slinging mud at others,” the President said.

“Today there are no development projects remain to be included in the opposition’s manifesto as the Government has been able to implement all development activities in the country,” he said. “I firmly believe that the people of this country will stand by us in the country’s development process.”

President Rajapaksa said some elements are skeptical when the Government plans to reclaim a land opposite the Galle Face promenade. “These elements who cannot think of these types of projects have started to look at this project in a skeptical manner.”

He added that a new city will be constructed opposite Galle Face Green under this project and it will change the landscape of the country too. “These elements want nothing but to plunge the country into misery by stopping the ongoing development process,” he said.

President Rajapaksa added that there was a notion among the people in the Southern province that they should go to Colombo to prosper and most of the prominent figures in the business community in the country were born in the South and later migrated to Colombo seeking greener pastures.

He said the people in the South are no longer required to go to Colombo to prosper as the Government led by him is in the process of developing the entire region.

“Galle and Matara districts will receive a prominent place with the opening of the Southern Expressway phase II,” he said.

The world has focused more attention on the Southern Province as we have built an international airport and a harbour. The entire region has been brought under a massive development drive under this government and all infrastructure facilities are being upgraded, he added.

The President added that the International Airport at Mattala and the Hambantota harbour in the Southern Province are in full operation. “The harbour about which some elements said that no ship arrives is in full operation now. The airport about which critics said that the pilots are required to chase birds, before a plane takes off, is operating successfully.”

The President said those who visit the airport in Mattala and the harbour, know how many aircraft and ships arrive there a day.

He said massive development activities are taking place in the Matara district too. “We are in the process of constructing the Matara - Beliatta railway line and the people can go to Kataragama by train soon.”

The President added that there was an era in which no development activities took place in the Southern Province beyond Matara. “Today, mega shopping complexes and hotel chains are being constructed,” he said.

The President said the next Deyata Kirula exhibition will be held in the Southern Province. “We hope to bring the Government service at the doorstep of the people. We will solve your problems at your doorstep,” he said.





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