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Wednesday, March 19, 2014 - 05.35 GMT

Students in North have excelled in education with the dawn of peace – President


Students in the Northern Province have excelled in education with the dawn of peace in the country, said President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

The President said the highest percent of university entrants last year were from the Northern Province. “Northern Province students who underwent untold hardship due to terrorism have begun making achievements in the education sector”, he said.

The President was speaking at the opening of a Mahinodaya laboratory at Karandeniya Central College yesterday (18).

The Government invested Rs. 15 million on this project. The Karandeniya Central College is among 1,000 schools earmarked by the Government to be developed under the Mahindodaya school development drive.

He said the Eastern province secured the third place in terms of students who qualified for university entrance last year.

"The students deprived of their right to education by the LTTE are now treading on the path of education," the President said.

The students, teachers and parents should be more committed to the education of their children, he said.
President Rajapaksa stressed the importance of creating students who excel in academia and extra curricular activities equally.

The President also said that certain elements are trying to create problems in the country by closing down factories and inciting schoolchildren.

He said attempts by saboteurs to close down factories that have been in existence in the country for over 100 years, and inciting schoolchildren, cannot be allowed under any circumstances. "It is the responsibility of parents and teachers to be vigilant of such attempts to misguide school children," he said.

The President also speaking at the opening of Thihagoda-Mawarala-Kotapola road said no force can stop the country's forward march towards development as long as friendly countries are with Sri Lanka.

He said friendly countries of Sri Lanka have always been supportive of Sri Lanka and their cooperation is always appreciated by the Government.

The President stressed that those who stand in the way of the country's forward march do injustice to the people. “Those who impede the country's forward march are traitors to the country,” he said.

The President said certain elements ask us as to why we spend colossal sums for the construction of bridges, culverts and roads.

“These elements do not know that development of a road network will help achieve development,” President Rajapaksa said.

He added that these elements are in the habit of looking at these development activities with a squint eye. “They can do nothing other than undermining the Government’s development efforts by slinging mud.”

President Rajapaksa added that more than 98 percent of the population has received electricity. “Electricity facilities are no longer confined to the privileged lot.”

The President also thanked public representatives of the area for the development facilities in the area.





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