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Tuesday, March 25, 2014 - 05.25 GMT

Lanka’s first 3D film launched


Work on the first ever 3D film in Sri Lanka was commenced yesterday (March 24).

Based on a story by renowned science fiction writer Sir Arthur C Clark, this ground breaking film will help take the Sri Lankan cinema into Outer space.

Even in the global scene there have been only two productions involving Sir Arthur’s works in the big screen (2001 A Space Odyssey & 2010). Both these were mega level Hollywood productions and “In to the Comet” is the third story by Sir Arthur C. Clarke which is about to be transformed in to the silver screen.

The exceptional feature of this film is the handling of all the aspects of the production, including the high end visual effects, by an entirely local crew.

At the helm is Thilanka Perera as Director of the film, the script has been developed from the original story of Sir Arthur C. Clarke, jointly by Thilanka Perera and Maheel R. Perera. The technical crew includes the veteran Editor Stanly Alwis and Cinematographer Kavinda Ranaweera.

The story revolves around an exploration of a Comet. During the course of the journey they were stranded inside the comet tail due to a malfunction of the computer system. With a dwindling supply of food and oxygen and no help from Earth which is millions of miles away, the story follows their struggle to survive.

This film will introduce several film making techniques used in Hollywood including new set construction techniques and integrating methods, Stereo 3D film making etc. to local film industry. After this production Sri Lankan Cinema will never be the same.




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