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Friday, April 18, 2014 - 7.51 GMT

New Biomass Plant construction begins in Mahiyanganaya


The second biomass power plant of the Tokyo Cement Group that began operation on April 5 will supply the largely rural region of Mahiyanganaya with 5MW of clean and constant energy.

This Rs. 2.4 billion plant by Tokyo Power, the energy arm of the leading cement and concrete manufacturer, Tokyo Cement Group, is an initiative to build on their expertise in sustainable biomass power. Tokyo Power launched the Mahiyanganaya plant after successfully pioneering the first plant of its kind in Sri Lanka that provides 10MW of clean energy to their factory in Trincomalee.

This 5MW Dendro power plant is expected to contribute approximately 40 million kWh annually to the national grid using sustainable green energy sources, notably Gliricidia, a fast growing tree legume, which is available in abundance in the dry zone in Sri Lanka. The fuel is to be obtained from plantations of Gliricidia sepium, or from farmers in the region who grow these trees through Tokyo Cementís out-grower agricultural programs.

The expected generation capacity of 40 million kWh per year or 3.33 million kWh per month should enable the supply of electricity to reach an additional 30,000 rural households, thereby allowing the farmers that grow and supply Gliricidia, to directly benefit from their involvement in supplying biomass for the communityís energy consumption.

Tokyo Cement aims to engage 20,000 farming families and promote Gliricidia growing across 2500 acres of Mahiyanganaya, to empower rural communities and develop sustainable land use systems, thereby securing the wellbeing of resource-lacking farming communities.





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