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Tuesday, May 06, 2014 - 6.04 GMT

Tourism earnings increase


Earnings from tourism recorded a growth of 24.5 per cent during February 2014 to US dollars 205 million, compared to the earning of US dollars 153.4 million during the corresponding month of 2013.

The top five sources of tourist arrivals in February 2014 were India, UK, Germany, France and China, accounting for about 45 per cent of tourist arrivals during the month.

Meanwhile, tourist arrivals in March 2014 have increased by 17.5 per cent to 133,048 from 113,208 recorded in March 2013. Moreover, tourist earnings increased by 26.2 per cent to US dollars 192.2 million in March 2014, from US dollars 152.4 million in March 2013.

Sri Lanka Tourism industry during the last few years is experiencing a rapid growth in visitor arrival figures backed by a major promotional campaign launched by the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau, covering key tourism destinations.






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Last modified: May 06, 2014.

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