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Tuesday, May 13, 2014 - 6.26 GMT

Sri Lanka tourism can surpass $ 2 billion foreign revenue in 2014


Sri Lanka can surpass $ 2 billion foreign revenue from the tourism industry by end of 2014, if current conditions remain stable and the influx of the tourists continue to increasing with on going tendency.

The Director General Dr. D.S. Jayaweera of the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority mentioned yesterday (May 12) that the steady rise in tourism numbers to reach half a million by end April (534,132) recording a 27.6% increase over the same period last year, the industry is poised to reach beyond $ 2 billion earnings by end this year. By end April 2014, earnings have reached $ 718.9 million.

An estimated 10-12% increase in domestic tourism activity this year, exceeding the six million listed last year, would add to the victory, in the backdrop of domestic travel exceeding two million by end March this year.

“We have seen a steady rise in tourist earnings over the years,” he added. In 2004 earnings from the tourism industry were recorded at $ 416 million. “Last year earnings were healthy $ 1.75 billion.”

This would mean that the tourism industry could contribute a greater amount to the national economy, as the industry’s foreign inputs are only 10-20%, compared with 40-60% foreign inputs in the apparel industry.

Dr. Jayaweera said “Not only international, the domestic tourism market is also has grown as more and more locals are keen to travel around the island”. Mostly during weekends and long holidays the public trend to travel, thanks to the infrastructure of expressways has come up.

Further speaking, “We are sure to record a number that is far more than six million this year, which was last year’s number.” Most of this travel takes place around wildlife and beaches.





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