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Wednesday, June 25, 2014 - 05.56 GMT
Campaign to promote ‘Ceylon Tea’ in 25 countries


Sri Lanka Tea Board will roll out a major tea promotion campaign in 25 countries as a part of the promoting “Ceylon Tea” worldwide and position itself as one of the best premium beverage products in the international arena.

We have four billion rupees budget for that campaign to promote among 25 selected countries but as at now the Board has only two tea promotion offices in Dubai and Russia. The Tea Board intends to appoint dedicated promotional officers in every Sri Lanka embassy and high commission in its trade department,” said Tea Board Chairperson Janaki Kuruppu.

Ceylon Tea is available in 145 countries and focuses itself as a premium niche product as against cheap low cost tea from other countries. We are constantly monitoring through Sri Lankan embassies and other officers to arrest adulterated tea going into export markets, she said.

She also said that Sri Lanka produces 320 million kilograms of tea and with the promotion campaign they intend to target existing, new markets and lost markets. But certain markets like UK is not doing well as cheaper tea products have captured them, Kuruppu said.

They are also advising all tea exporters to manufacture value added tea as at present 45 percent of value added tea is exported to other countries and expect to increase value added tea to 60 percent by 2016 to increase export revenue in many folds.

Sri Lanka is now enjoying number three position in the top global export market, which itself is an achievement. But the difference between Sri Lanka and Kenyan tea business is that 90 percent of Ceylon tea is orthodox tea while Kenya produces 90 of their tea as CTC tea, manufactured based on machines, she said.






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