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Friday, July 11, 2014 - 05.39 GMT
Sri Lanka now stands with pride, ending era of receiving pity of others - President


We have brought Sri Lanka to a country that stands with pride, ending the era of waiting and receiving pity of others, said President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

We have ended the era in which we were receiving the pity of others with bended knees and we do not want others to take pity on us anymore, he added.

The President said the country is not waiting for food from overseas now. The country is moving forward. We are moving on the correct path. We all know that 'We can' instead of 'We can't'. We all know that we can move forward with courage and dignity," he said.

The President was speaking at the 163rd prize giving of Royal College, Colombo at the Nava Rangahala yesterday (July 10).

President Rajapaksa said that it is the duty of every school to impart to its students education which is of a holistic nature. Education is a total process directed towards the development of mind, body and character. Quality education, to be complete, must be founded on the bedrock of cultural identity, he said.

The education imparted here and the setting in which it is offered, emphasizes the reservoir of shared values and traditions which are certainly strong enough to hold our nation together. The friendships that are forged here cut across narrow divisions and endure for a life time. Healthy attitudes of sharing, of partnership and solidarity, which unify the school community, must be inculcated in the formative period of childhood and early youth, he said.

The President requested the students to endeavor to take the country's forward worldwide.

"You all are proud to be Sri Lankans. Similarly, no one from rural areas should hesitate to mention that they are from villages," the President said.

All students will receive equal opportunities and benefits in the field of education. The entire education sector has been subjected to a radical change to offer equal benefits and opportunities in education, the President said.

He said the students of the country should be vigilant on the happenings in the country and in the world while drawing their utmost attention to education.






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Last modified: July 11, 2014.

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