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Monday, July 21, 2014 - 05.28 GMT
Top South Asian countries refuse visas for UNHRC committee probing SL


Five South Asian countries expressed their objection to the United Nations Human Rights Council’s international investigation into Sri Lanka by refusing the UNHRC team visas to enter these countries to conduct the probe. These countries are India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and the Maldives.

Dr. Prathiba Mahanamahewa, Commissioner of the Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission, stated that India has rejected to issue visas to the investigation committee members to enter the country.

He added, “They have appointed a committee comprising 13 individuals and three experts. While conducting investigations from the Western countries, they want to conduct the investigations in a country that is close to Sri Lanka.

“India is an important country in this regard, but India has rejected entry. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Maldives are in a similar stance, they are not willing to provide support for a probe against an individual country. They will want to conduct investigations in a country that is close to Sri Lanka, since they cannot enter Sri Lanka, said Mr. Mahanamahewa.

Even Afghanistan has shown their objection towards this, he said. The UNHRC Committee will have to conduct the investigation from outside South Asia. They will have to contact witnesses in Sri Lanka through Skype and teleconferencing.

Refusal of visas is a very significant gesture on the part of the Indian leadership, Mr. Mahanamahewa said.

Meanwhile, the committee appointed by United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navaneetham Pillay will set in motion its investigations from 3 different locations worldwide.

Centers established at New York (United States of America), Bangkok (Thailand), and Geneva (Switzerland) will initiate the investigations connecting via Skype, and Satellite.





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