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Friday, July 25, 2014 - 06.08 GMT
Measures to control pesticides


The Agricultural Ministry has taken measures to control pesticides with a view to safeguard public health and the environment as the Ministry found that it is compulsory to change the act on pesticides to meet the modern day requirements.

Accordingly, from the regulations made on Wednesday (July 23) the license fee for the import of pesticides which was Rs.8, 000 has been increased up to Rs.100, 000. When the licenses are given, the storage and distribution facilities will be inquired. During the importation of pesticides, a special license should be taken from the Pesticide Registration Bureau by paying Rs.1, 000. A field evaluation report has been made compulsory at the registration of pesticides.

Over the past three decades, Parliament of Sri Lanka approved and passed several Acts and Orders to control the use of pesticides. The use of pesticides should be controlled to protect the environment, land and health of the people. The use of pesticides spread across the world after 1960 with the Green Revolution.

Organic fertilizer is suitable for the country's agriculture as Sri Lanka still practices traditional methods.

Sri Lanka was an agriculture based country that used traditional methods to control the pests. The natural methods did not harm the land or the people. The Agricultural Ministry hopes to establish control over the pesticides used by 2020.

The ministry will establish a district and regional level post-analysis system for the use of pesticides. It will be implemented next year.





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Last modified: July 25, 2014.

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