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Wednesday, August 20, 2014 - 5.58 GMT
Draw attention to challenges of terrorists re-grouping Intl level. - Ravinatha Aryasinha


Although terrorism has been uprooted from Sri Lanka, attention should be drawn to challenges Sri Lanka is facing with terrorists re-grouping at the international level.

Although this is not a challenge faced by Sri Lanka, it could become a global issue in the future. As such Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to UN in Geneva Ravinatha Ariyasinhe called for the support of all participants in the Defence Seminar to destroy it.

He made these remarks yesterday (August 19) at the Defence Seminar being held in Colombo for the second day themed “Sri Lanka Challenges to a Rising Nation.” This is the fourth edition of the Defence Seminar organized by the Ministry of Defence and Urban Development. Representatives from 55 countries are participating in the Seminar.

Further in his address, Sri Lanka’s Permanent Resident Representative in Geneva Ravinatha Aryasinha pointed out that the LTTE which is a threat to Sri Lanka today, would threaten the region as well as the world in the future. As such, everyone should give support for its crackdown.

The Tamil Diaspora is making false statements and attempting to subjugate the development in Sri Lanka. The Diaspora has become strong enough to vilify Sri Lanka internationally. A proper awareness should be gained on the initiatives taken to enrich the lives of the Tamil civilians after the war and also the development that has taken place in Sri Lank, he further added.

Mr. Aryasinhe said that Sri Lanka is concerned over the accusations made by the international community without having a proper awareness on the rehabilitation of the ex-combatants and their reintegration into society and also the removal of landmines. There are instances in which many groups of the Diaspora which is satisfied over the progress and development in Sri Lanka and even taken action to invest in the island. But he said that another group of the Diaspora is implementing the agenda of the Tamil politicians.

Representatives of Sri Lanka tri-forces addressed the Defence Seminar last morning.

Representing the Sri Lankan Army, Major General G.V.D. Perera elaborated the contribution made by the Army in the achievement of the military victories as well as to the present and future security of the nation. He gave a brief description of the vision of the Army in safeguarding the country and its future policy.

Rear Admiral D.C. Gunawardena addressed the Seminar on behalf of the Sri Lanka Navy. He made submissions on the efforts made to make the Sri Lanka Harbour as the main Naval Port in Asian and the task of the Navy in coastguard activities in the face of challenges faced in this sphere.

Addressing the Seminar on behalf of the Sri Lanka Air Force, Air Vice Marshal K.V.B. Jayampathy clarified the task of the Air Force in surmounting challenges in according air security.




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