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Thursday, August 21, 2014 - 5.46 GMT
LTTE rump fanning the flames of hatred - Dr Chris Nonis


Sri Lanka's High Commissioner to the United Kingdom Dr. Chris Nonis said the LTTE rump in foreign countries is fanning the flames of hatred and painting a negative antagonistic picture through a constant disinformation campaign. The High Commissioner said many people who visited Sri Lanka are surprised over the positive peace prevalent in Sri Lanka and the beauty of the Colombo city.

He also said that one of the factors that led to conflicts in many countries is the divide and rule policy adopted by the colonial rulers.

The Sri Lankan envoy was making the closing remarks at the Defence Seminar yesterday (Aug 20) which started last Monday in Colombo under the patronage of Secretary to the President Lalith Weeratunga and Secretary of Defence and Urban Development Gotabhaya Rajapaksa.

He said a very small group of the Diaspora, using terrorism as a business is continuing to portray a bleak picture about Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan envoy said this group is continuing on a campaign against Sri Lanka and it is a greater challenge to address.

Dr. Nonis said the majority of the diaspora is very educated, decent and sensible. "I do not demonize the diaspora at all," he added.

Dr Nonis added that this small rump of the diaspora is in the habit of lobbying the legislators, think-tanks and opinion makers in the UK and they still have access to terrorists' funding too. "That funding has now been legitimized into businesses," he said.

The High Commissioner said a very well-funded and strong lobby tried to shift the venue of Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) away from Sri Lanka when he assumed office several years ago.

He said the persistent dialogue and articulation with separation of facts from fiction eventually helped convince the majority of the countries.

The hosting of CHOGM helped foster bilateral relations among the Commonwealth member states and the summit also increased the investor confidence. Divide and rule policy caused a lot of ethnic strife globally today. "They artificially compartmentalize the people by heightening the differences and the people lost their national identity due to this policy," he said. He added that Sri Lankans should be proud of diversity and it is a wealth.





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