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Thursday, October 02, 2014 - 05.28 GMT

Demining nearing completion


The demining process is nearly 98% over and work to free the remaining land area from mine risk is progressing fast. According to the Ministry of Defense, there is only about 80 square kilometers remaining to be cleared in comparison to the 5000 square kilometers of land mass that was left at the end of the war.

‘Cleared areas were thoroughly inspected and assured by UNDP officials prior to the handing over of lands back to the civilians. More than 68 percent if the de-mined was carried out by the Security Forces demining teams and the rest was de-minded by local and foreign NGOs’ said the Director of the Media Centre of the Ministry of Defence and Urban Development, Brigadier Ruwan Wanigasooriya during the weekly media briefing held yesterday (Oct. 01).

Only the forested areas remains to be cleared hence the delay in completing the work but it will be completed very soon, he said.

Clarifying the fishing issue at the Iranamadu tank he said that there's no any restrictions imposed by Sri Lanka Army for fishing in the Iranamadu tank, but the local fishery societies don't allow outsiders to fish due to long standing drought experienced in the area at present.







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