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Friday, October 03, 2014 - 06.26 GMT

Mullaitivu ready for cultivation on demined lands


The Northern civilians are ready to cultivate the land in Mullaitivu which was earlier buried with landmines.

Accordingly, cultivation of farmlands in the Mullaitivu commenced recently and the Army is supporting the cultivation of 216 acres of lands.

The harvesting ceremony, “Wap Magul” was held with the participation of a large gathering near the Perimurippukulam tank in Mullaitivu.

Civilians were not in a position to undertake cultivation on farmlands due to terrorism which was a scourge for 30 years. The Northern farmer community faced enormous hardships as they could not make optimum use of their farmlands for a long period.

With the liberation of the country from terrorism the re-cultivation of the Northern lands commenced making a direct contribution to the national economy.

The farmers expressed their gratitude to the Government for the new life injected to them by providing the necessary strength to re-cultivate their farmlands.

Among those who joined in this function were officials of the Defence Sector including Major General Jagath Dias, the Mullaitivu Commanding Officer.





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