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Monday , October 20, 2014 - 05.16 GMT
Certain powerful nations try to destabilize other countries, installing puppet leaders - President


Certain powerful nations with vested interests try to destabilize countries by installing puppet leaders as Heads of State, President Mahinda Rajapaksa said.

“These countries dislike seeing countries making progress on their own and are hell bent on dividing nations that refuse to bow down to their dictates,” the President said.

The President was speaking at a meeting with agricultural officers held at Temple Trees on Saturday (Oct. 18). The meeting was organized under the theme “Farmers to the fore under the Mahinda Chintana”.

“For those countries with sinister objectives, there is no difference between Libya and Sri Lanka, and the people should be vigilant of this fact. Countries which refused to accept the defeat of LTTE terrorism are now fixing labels on Islamic State (IS) terrorists,” the President added.

He further said that some Sri Lankan political leaders have met with the European diaspora and pro-LTTE lobby groups soon after the lifting of the EU ban on LTTE terrorism and the ban on Sri Lankan fish exports were imposed.

The President also said that the current era is witnessing the biggest transformation in agricultural production in the country. Although several past leaders had suggested that paddy fields be filled and made use for construction purposes, and that agricultural products be imported, the present government has invested a great deal of money in the development of the agricultural sector.

“Some administrations believed that importing agricultural products is the only solution to fulfill the domestic requirements,” he added. “They wanted to strengthen the wheat flour farmers abroad neglecting the local farming community,” President Rajapaksa said.

“No Government can bring prosperity to the country without boosting local food production. The Government has allocated large sums of funds to provide the fertilizer subsidy to farmers,” the President further said.

Three agro-scientists who rendered a dedicated service to the agricultural sector were also felicitated at the event attended by over 5,000 agricultural officers.





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