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Monday, November 10, 2014 - 4.30 GMT
Women-folk contributed immensely towards SLFP’s success at every election

- President


Women-folk of this country have contributed immensely towards the SLFP’s success at every election, said President Mahinda Rajapaksa, saluting them for their support at all times.

He added that the party had not had such a large female membership in the history of the SLFP as it has at present.

The women leaders of the SLFP who gathered at Temple Trees on Saturday (Nov. 8) represented 61 electorates, highlighting the strength of the SLFP membership at Grama Niladhari level throughout the country.

The meeting was organized by the Women’s division of the Rata Nagana Nil Rella.

Winning the forthcoming election is no big task for the United People’s Freedom Alliance, which has won the 28 previous elections, said the President.

“You have been our support and strength in the past although the SLFP as a political party did not support me. The office door of the SLFP was closed to me and the office did not come forward to print my propaganda material. Despite this shabby treatment and lethargic attitude of the party, I was not disheartened and I never thought of leaving the party. I bore everything for I had my confidence in you and as members of the SLFP you extended your support whole - heartedly,” the President told the women leaders.

He said: “True there are times you get disheartened and disgusted when you work with dedication and commitment. But what is important is to work without leaving the party and that is the secret of my success.” President Rajapaksa told the SLFP’s women leaders that as a person who has tasted both victory and defeat in elections, he had not left room for anyone to take revenge and that has strengthened the SLFP as a political party today.

“When the Government wins, the Opposition has a habit of describing it as a defeat using the media. They behave as if they have won. But we as political party with integrity could not come to that level,” the President said.

While the Government having won 28 elections in a row is set to win its 29th, the Opposition is yet searching for a candidate, the President further stated.





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