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Tuesday, November 11, 2014 - 4.22 GMT
Government will not alter agricultural policy – President


President Mahinda Rajapaksa emphasized that the Government is dedicated to develop the agricultural industry which is our heritage. He assured that the Agricultural Policy will not at all be altered.

The President recalled the era in which previous Governments geared to import all goods, without placing trust in the country’s agricultural industry. Further expressing his views, the President mentioned that the present Government is the only administration that displayed a keen enthusiasm on the agricultural industry, giving priority to farming.

President Rajapaksa also assured the maximum strength required by the farmers in the future.

The President was speaking at a gathering of officials and representatives of Agrarian Organizations at Temple Trees yesterday (Nov. 10). Farmers representing all Provinces including the North and East joined in this gathering, organized under the theme “Ten Years in Agrarian Service.”

The President queried as to what the past Governments did when the farmers were not in a position to purchase their fertilizer or even sell their harvest. 'When the Government started giving the fertilizer subsidy in 2005, queries were made as to how the Government could provide it at 350 rupees' he said.

The President said the Government was spending at least four billion rupees annually on the fertilizer subsidy. He asked the gathering not to permit to alter this policy.

The President claimed that it was the alliance Governments headed by the Sri Lanka Freedom Party that was displaying such an interest on the farmers and the agricultural industry.

'No one is prepared to reverse a country that is moving forward', he said.

The President also recalled the dark era during which the farmers were treated by certain Government and the bitter memories.





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