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Wednesday, December 10, 2014 - 3.56 GMT
Govt strengthened & streamlined public service to obtain maximum benefit for country & people - President


The Government has strengthened and streamlined the public service to obtain the maximum benefit for the country and people, said President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

The public service therefore has to come forward with the true aim of serving the nation, fulfilling the aspirations of the people, shedding its lethargic attitude and work patterns, which have hitherto drawn the ire of the public, he added.

The President was speaking at the Annual General Meeting of Family Health Officers at Sugathadasa Stadium yesterday (Dec. 09).

President Rajapaksa praised the services of Family Health Officers saying that they render a yeoman service in society to create a healthy young generation.

Even during the unofficial curfews, you dedicated your service for the mothers. As a result of your admirable service, the child mortality rate of Sri Lanka is low, the President said.

President Rajapaksa added that unlike in other countries, Sri Lanka provides people with several free benefits.

Accordingly, the free health service, free education and many other free services and benefits are offered by the Government. Public servants should not neglect their pivotal role and responsibilities that come with their duty. Public servants are duty bound to serve the public, he said.

The President said as a people-friendly and patriotic Government, every possible measure has already been taken to bring maximum benefits to the people.

“After liberating the country from the clutches of terrorism, the entire country is being developed”, he said.

President Rajapaksa also recalled how at one time, steps were taken to bring down the number of public servants from 800,000 to 300, 0000.

“There was an era, in which the public service was badly hampered. They only placed confidence in the private sector and hence planned to reduce the number of public servants to 300, 000,” he said.

President Rajapaksa stressed that this was not an era where state institutions were being sold, but to regain those that were privatized and run them with proper management plans.

The President said the Government as a policy never privatizes Government entities, properties etc.

“As a people-friendly and country friendly Government, public institutions will never be privatized. This is not an era to sell Government entities, but to regain those that were privatized. For instance, SriLankan Airlines, the Insurance Corporation, Gas Company, Sevanagala Sugar Factory and several more state organizations were regained. We put a full-stop to privatization in 2005,” the President noted.

President Rajapaksa added that the country has been placed on a rapid development track, after the defeat of terrorism.

“Everyone is witness to the development dividend,” he said.





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