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Monday, December 15, 2014 - 6.03 GMT
President assures safeguard religious freedom & unity


President Mahinda Rajapaksa said the right to live in unity in one country for all races and followers of different religions will be safeguarded.

President Rajapaksa further said that he was not afraid to say that he is a Buddhist. He pointed out that the right to follow a religion has not been taken away from anyone. False rumors are spread to create racial and religious tensions.

The President was addressing a meeting yesterday (Dec. 14) in Akurana which had been organized by Akurana S.L.F.P. Chief Organizer Deputy Minister Abdul Cadre.

Sinhala and Muslim communities in the area received the President warmly. The Mahasangha and religious leaders of the area invoked blessings on the President.

The President recalled that the country was battered by a 30 year old war. One hundred and sixty (160) people who were praying at Kathankudi was hacked and shot dead. Those who were in Jaffna were given only two hours to vacate their homes. They were living and suffering in camps for 20 years, he said. The President said that the country has passed that era and the people are given the opportunity to freely follow their religions.

The President questioned as to what happened in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Egypt. He pointed out it is the same people who created such situations in those countries, are behind similar attempts in this country.

The President said that they would not allow a country to develop. There should be stability for the development of the country. He requested the people to join to develop the country and to rise up as a nation.





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