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Tuesday, December 30, 2014 - 5.25 GMT
Certain foreign forces trying to set up puppet government in the country - President


Certain foreign forces which are not happy to see a stable Government in Sri Lanka are plotting with some opposition political elements to set up a puppet government in the country, said President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

He was addressing a group of Sri Lankan expatriates working in Europe yesterday (Dec. 29).
The group currently in Sri Lanka met the President at Hotel Kingsbury, Colombo.

The group, representing the organization ‘Sri Lankans in Europe’ told the President that its large membership spread across Europe have unanimously decided to back the President at the upcoming Presidential polls.

President Rajapaksa said four years after vanquishing terrorism; certain external forces were attempting to create a situation similar to the uprisings in the Middle East, in order to change the Government.

The President explained that uprisings in Libya, Egypt and Iraq created using street protests, and via electronic and social media resulted in overthrowing of Governments but those countries are now in chaotic situations, and are plagued with problems.

“Anti-national groups, at the behest of foreign forces are making a similar attempt in Sri Lanka,” President Rajapaksa said.

While noting that the mantra of such elements was ushering in ‘change’, the President noted that the so-called change the opposition was preaching was only an attempt to reverse the country’s recent gains and take it back to the dark era of the past.

The President requested those present to be cautious and not to be misled by the propaganda against the country, and act intelligently to safeguard the freedom the country earned after defeating terrorism.

“Our responsibility is to build a country for the child to be born tomorrow and not just for the present,” he added.

President Rajapaksa thanked the group for supporting him at another crucial juncture in the country’s history.
The event was organised by members of the organization ‘Sri Lankans in Europe’.





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