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Friday,  January 02, 2015 - 04.54 GMT
Prepared to carry forward pro-people programme - President


President Mahinda Rajapaksa emphasized that he would carry forward the pro-people programme in the New Year too along with the people’s trust that would never be breached.

The President laid this stress participating in several public meetings in the Tangalle area yesterday (Jan. 01).

Before participating in the public meetings in Tangallle, President Rajapaksa visited the historic Sithulpawwa Raja Maha Viharaya and secured blessings participating in religious observances. The President called on the Chief Incumbent of the Raja Maha Viharaya, the Ven. Metaramga Hemarathana Thera and inquired into his wellbeing.

Members of the Maha Sangha who were present at the Viharaya chanted Seth Pirith and blessed the President.

Thereafter, the President joined in the public meeting organized in the Angunakolapelessa area in Tangalle to consolidate his victory at the election. The people who gathered in large numbers accorded a warm welcome to the President. This public gathering was organized by Tangalle Chief Sri Lanka Freedom Party Organizer and Minister Mahinda Amaraweera.

Addressing this public meeting the President mentioned that he will honor the trust placed by the people in him. He emphasized that he would never halt the programme of building a more secure country for the children.

After this public rally the President arrived in the Walasmulla area in Tangalle.

The President also received a rapturous welcome from the people. The meeting was organized by a group including the Sri Lanka Freedom Party Mulkirigala Chief Organizer and Parliamentarian V.K. Indika.

A public gathering was organized in the Beliatta town to welcome their great leader who had arrived in their village. It was joined by a large crowd. The people who accorded him a rousing welcome extended their greetings for his victory at the elections.

The President thereafter visited the Henkaduwa Purana Raja Maha Vihare in Tangalle secured blessings, participating in religious observances. The President opened the newly constructed Wahalkada of the Vihare and unveiled the Ranveta built around the Buddha statue.

The President who called on the Chief Incumbent of the Raja Maha Vihare the Ven. Weeraketiye Nalaka Thera made inquiries into his wellbeing and engaged in a brief discussion.





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