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Sunday,  January 04, 2015 - 05.30 GMT
President asks Tamils not to be misled by false promises


President Mahinda Rajapaksa today made an appeal to the Tamil people in the North not to be misled by the false promises and leave any room for anyone to take away the democratic rights they won after the war.

Speaking at a campaign rally at Duraiappah Grounds in Jaffna, the President said some opposition elements are attempting to mislead the people in the North by spreading ideas of communalism.

He said the government has taken every possible measure to secure democratic rights of the people in the North while providing an unprecedented development in the area.

He said many outsiders who did not visit the North in the past are now touring the region and making contradicting statements saying one thing in the North and another in the South misleading the people.

The President said the people in the North should not be misled by any such forces and be dedicated to safeguard their hard won rights.

He said that there is no separate policy in the government for the two regions. The Mahinda Chintana, building the entire country, is the only policy adhered to by the Government, he noted. Same Mahinda Chintana policy manifesto is implemented both in the north and the south.

The President requested the Tamil people in Jaffna to rally round with the government to make the Mahinda Chintana policies successful.

At a meeting in Vavuniya, President Rajapaksa requested the people to discharge their responsibilities on the 8th of this month against racism, religious fanaticism and provincial rivalry. All people must live as one nation, he emphasized.

The President requested the people to take a correct decision for the benefit of the country by thinking intelligently without being deceived by false propaganda.





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