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Sunday,  January 04, 2015 - 05.35 GMT
SL expresses displeasure over EU statement


The Government of Sri Lanka today expressed its displeasure over the statement made by the EU Heads of Mission in Colombo on how the presidential election should be held.

In a statement, the External Affairs Ministry said that domestic elections were not for foreign government representatives to be prescriptive about, that too, a few days ahead of the polls. “It is therefore surprising that the EU Heads of Mission in Colombo should have resorted to a press statement on an issue of a strictly domestic nature. Such an initiative could bring into question the bona-fides and objectivity of their intervention,” it said.

The ministry said the Elections Commissioner, who is an independent authority, has been mandated by the statutory powers vested in him, with the task of conducting free and fair elections. “Sri Lanka has a vibrant tradition of democratic practice since 1931 and has been conducting elections at regular intervals, in a peaceful and orderly manner, while the electorate has continued to cast their vote freely, in large numbers,” it said.





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