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Tuesday,  January 06, 2015 - 06.33 GMT
Won’t divide country whatever groups were active to achieve narrow personal ends - President


President Mahinda Rajapaksa asserted that he will not take any decision to divide the country whatever groups were active to achieve their narrow personal ends. He declared his readiness to defeat any force determined to divide the country.

The President was addressing another public yesterday (Jan. 5) at the M.T. Dayananda grounds in Debarawewa with the participation of a massive gathering.

The President joined in this public meeting amidst the rapturous applause by the crowds. They extended their greetings to the President for a resounding victory at the election.

Addressing the crowds, the President underscored that he would even risk his life to protecting the country whatever challenges he had to confront.

The President said that Rauf Hakeem was asking for a separate Zone from the East. He said this is an unjust demand. The Hakeem said that he had a large number of votes. But the President told him to keep his votes but he would keep his country.

He called on the people to place trust in him and it will not be breached. He declared that this Mahinda Rajapaksa will be ruling the country even after the 09th.

This public meeting was organized by Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa. Many Parliamentarians and party representatives supporting the Freedom Alliance addressed the gathering.





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