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Wednesday, January 21, 2015 - 05.08 GMT

Prime Minister seeks support of all MPs for government programs


Addressing Parliament yesterday Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe requested the support of all members of parliament to make the new government's programs to rebuild the country within 100 days a success.

The Parliament convened yesterday for the first time after the new national government is formed under the newly elected President Maithripala Sirisena.

Speaking to the House, the PM said this is a special parliament in the Sri Lankan history as a number of political parties including two main parties is prepared towards a common journey under one expectation. "This is a joint journey for the betterment of the nation," he said.

Noting that the country is in the midst of a massive economic and political crisis and the nation has to win over several local and international challenges, the Prime Minister said several Acts and Bills need to be approved in parliament under the 100 day programme.

Setting up of a constitution with an Executive Council in the place of executive presidency, the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, which could see the restoration of independent commissions and restoration of powers to the judiciary, act on right to information and draft bill on national pharmaceutical policy are some of the legislature intended to get approved.

Further the government will set up parliamentary monitoring committees chaired by representatives of all parties but not the cabinet. The Premier requested everyone to contribute intelligently to further strengthen them.

An interim budget will be submitted to parliament on 29th to provide concessions to the public and the PM sought ideas and suggestions of from the MPs.

He said the parliament was underestimated and deprived of many rights in the past. It is the responsibility of everyone to empower parliament. The new government expects to take the contribution of the whole parliament for good governance.

"The public provided a clear mandate to President Maithreepala Sirisena in order to create a new political culture and to create a government with disciplines within 100 days," the PM said thanking the political parties, social groups, and people who joined their hands to establish good governance while strengthening democratic institutions.

"Now as people's representatives everyone is responsible in implementing the public opinion," he said.





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