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Monday, February 09, 2015 - 05.35 GMT

Govt to address issues in construction industry - Sajith


The Government will take full note and recognition of all the issues faced by the construction industry, Housing and Samurdhi Minister Sajith Premadasa said.

Addressing the BuildSL Construction and Regenerating Expo press briefing held in Colombo Minister Premadasa said his ministry will establish a time tabled work plan to ensure that various objectives raised by the Chamber of Construction Industry Sri Lanka (CCI) will be fulfilled in the shortest possible time. He said when one talks about system of governance what is most important and indispensible for promoting growth, prosperity and good governance is the way one decides on policy making.

The new administration has taken a very concrete decision, that is to ensure that the country has a national decision making process where rationality would be the order of the day. Private relationships, friendships and other factors will not dominate the decision making process of the Government.

"Once we cut off favourism, prejudices and the discrimination processes that have dominated the past I am sure that most of the grievances listed by the construction industry will be addressed and redressed. We will ensure that the right to information of all citizens of the country is protected," he said.

The Minister assured that with the new beginning, the new opening and the new transformation that is taking place right now, corruption will be absolutely minimal, nepotism negated and a level playing field ensured for all.

Premadasa said he has pioneered a major project to commence the construction of 100,000 houses within 100 days.
Over 50,000 houses will be constructed using government funds with each housing recipient receiving a concessionary loan of Rs 100,000 which will cost the government Rs 5 billion. The balance 50,000 houses will be constructed using donations from the public.

Minister Premadasa added that the first 50,000 houses would be completed in 2015 and the 100,000 target achieved by 2016.





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