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Friday, March 06, 2015 - 04.32 GMT

Dhamma education will be streamlined - President


President Maithripala Sirisena said Dhamma education will be streamlined by the Government under the new budget proposals. An allowance will be paid to Daham Pasal teachers for their silent and volunteer service, he added.

President Sirisena said he always seeks the advice and guidance of the Maha Sangha when governing the country. “The Maha Sangha should pave the way for spiritual development”, he stated.

Addressing the gathering after opening the Asu Maha Srawaka Pasvisi Buddharaja Maha Viharaya at Rathganga Viharaya, Ratnapura yesterday (March 5) he said the preaching by the Maha Sangha is aimed at creating a disciplined and loyal society. The service of the Maha Sangha to the society is praiseworthy and admirable since they teach us ethics, social and moral values, he further stated.

"The Maha Sangha is totally dedicated to create valuable citizens with social and moral values," the President said.

President Sirisena while admiring the services and leadership of Rathganga Temple Chief Incumbent Venerable Gilimale Chandraloka Thera said the thera renders a yeoman service to the Buddha Sasana.

He said during the past three to four decades, under the guidance of Venerable Gilimale Chandraloka Thera, Rathganga temple has made significant progress, which directly assists to create a better society.

"I visited Buddhagaya Temple during my recent visit to India. I have the same feeling at Rathganga temple today as I had during the visit to Buddhagaya Temple," President Sirisena said.





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