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Tuesday, April 28, 2015 - 06.41 GMT

Sri Lanka rediscovers itself


Six years after the war, the island nation reaches out to the world with its natural beauty and innate civility, says in an article titled “Sri Lanka rediscovers itself” on The Hindu published on April 27.

“Each time I visit Sri Lanka I come away impressed all over again by the stunningly beautiful green and clean tiny island-nation and its amazing people. For one, you don’t hear the all-pervasive, irritating honking on the roads,” states the writerRasheeda Bhagat.

And surprise of surprises, for Indians at least, even taxi drivers politely halts to allow pedestrians to cross the road. And they do so specially for women, the writer further said.

And even if somebody darts across, with the mobile phone irritatingly plastered to his ear, there are no swear words. Generally people tend to be polite, courteous and soft spoken.

It’s six years since the annihilation of the LTTE, and the emerald waters and greenery of Sri Lanka have become even more inviting.
“They dress neatly, you don’t see begging on the streets, and above all, no chasing or harassment of tourists that we seem to revel in,” The Hindu added.

But comparatively speaking, Sri Lankan women are more educated, emancipated and live in a much more liberal society. Certainly they do not get lectured at, as Indian women do, on what to wear, how to behave, not to drink and above all, to return home at a “decent” hour as all “decent” women do.

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