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Friday, July 31, 2015 - 06.10 GMT
President participates in Sadaham Yaathra at Kalawewa, Vijithapura Rajamaha Viharaya


The EsalaPoya Day Dhamma Sermon of the series of SadahamYathraDhamma Sermonsheld on every Poya Day took place today (July 31) at historic RajamahaViharaya in Kalawewa, Vijithapura, with the participation of President Maithripala Sirisena.

The Dhamma Sermon was delivered by Ven. Prof. VijithapareVimalaratanaNayakaThero.

The President who arrived in the RajamahaViharaya this morning participated in religious activities. He also met the Chief incumbent of the temple Ven. DammakeerthiHalmillawewe Sri SumanaDhammaramaThero and looked in to his well-being.

President Sirisena also opened the newly built sanghavasa at the temple and also had cordial discussions with those who gathered at the temple.

After listening to the Dhamma Sermon, the President went to AvukanaRajamahaViharaya in Anuradhapura and participated in religious activities.

He also met the Chief Incumbent of the temple Ven. ShasthrawelliyeDhammakiththiThero and looked in to his well-being. The DhammakiththiThero presented the book “AvukanaBuduPilimaya Ha EhiNodutuPeththa” (Avukana Buddha Statue and Its Unseen Side) to the President.





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